Patient Stories

When 10-year-old Jewel was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with severe pneumonia, doctors had to act fast. With her health declining quickly, the La Ronge girl was diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress syndrome. The condition can be fatal or result in lasting damage to a patient’s lungs.

Jewel, 10 Years Old

Fortunately, doctors had access to a machine called the Pulmovista, which allowed for careful monitoring of Jewel’s lung function – right at her bedside. Using the Pulmovista, doctors were able to adjust settings according to her specific needs and protect her lungs from dangerously high or low pressures. Jewel made a full recovery thanks to this highly advanced piece of equipment and the caring medical staff who operated it.

A revolutionary breakthrough in pediatric care, the Pulmovista is a highly effective way to monitor a child’s lungs in real-time. The non-invasive technology uses a belt that wraps around the child’s chest, and does not cause any pain or discomfort. The breath-by-breath monitoring allows doctors to make rapid decisions based on the most accurate information, reducing the child’s time in hospital. Generously funded by Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation donors, the life-saving Pulmovista has brought Saskatchewan to the forefront of pediatric care in Canada.